Colour & Communication

Photo credit: Kara Muse

How colour depicts feelings, thoughts, and even messaging has always been fascinating to me. Studies have even shown that colour can directly affect your emotions, mood, and can even lower blood pressure! It is interesting how in various types of media they use colour to communicate feelings in the message receiver. Squid Game, a Korean TV series released in 2021, used red jumpsuits for the masked workers to represent power over the players.

Here are some basic colours that can convey various emotions:

  • Blue: Depth, trust, loyalty, confidence, intelligence, and calmness
  • Purple: Royalty, power, nobility, luxury, wealth, extravagance, and wisdom
  • Pink: Sweet, innocent, sensitive, passionate, playful, and loving
  • Red: Power, energy, passion, desire, speed, strength, love, and intensity
  • Orange: Joy, enthusiasm, happiness, creativity, determination, and stimulation
  • Yellow: Sunshine, joy, happiness, intellect, cheerfulness, and energy
  • Green: Nature, growth, harmony, freshness, safety, and healing
  • Teal: Creativity, inspiration, excitement, tranquillity, and youth
  • Grey: Power, elegance, reliability, intelligence, modesty, and maturity



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Kurtis Johnstone

Kurtis Johnstone

Hey, it’s Kurtis with a K! I am a Digital Media Studies (BA) student at Vancouver Island University. I grew up in Cobble Hill, British Columbia.